Gardening Services Sydney

Gardening Services Sydney
Gardening and all our garden maintenance services at All Trees & Garden are reliable and we use the highest quality products. Along with our team of experts we guarantee we’ll make your garden great. Our services range from property clean-ups, lawn mowing and re-turfing, trimming and hedging to fully designing and landscaping gardens and outdoor living areas. At All Trees & Garden, we understand that hard work, attention to detail and meeting our clients’ expectations are essential for our good reputation and the ongoing success of our business. Our high quality and affordable gardening services has helped us to built a reputation in Gardening and Landscaping market and we make sure that our clients receive tailored gardening and maintenance solutions that meet their needs best.

What we do

Garden Maintenance

Periodic garden maintenance is what All Trees & Garden prides itself on. The All Trees & Garden promise is that your garden will be looking its best all year round.

Lawn Care

A maintained lawn increases the look of your property and gives you a great area to enjoy your home.

Garden Plantings

All Trees & Garden will help find the right plants for your garden and provide you expert advice on which is right for you.

Landscape Gardening

Expert advice and consultation for the new landscape garden that you’ve always wanted.

Garden Clean Ups

Garden clean-ups include clearing of problem plants and weeds, tree stump removal, weeding, and rubbish removal services.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure-cleaned driveways and pathways will refresh the look of weather-affected areas and bring new life to your home.

Professional Garden Maintenance ServicesBest Garden Maintenance Services SydneyGardening Services

Garden Maintenance Services

Having a beautiful garden in your property can be one of the most enjoyable things that anyone can ever have. However, taking care of a big garden with lots of plants and trees might be very time-consuming. Having a garden is an easy, maintaining its health and beauty might not be as easy though. Regular garden maintenance services is provided to all garden lovers by All Trees & Garden.

At All Trees & Garden we take care of all your gardening needs from garden maintenance to arborist services and lawn care. You can be rest assured that your garden will always look stunning and fresh. We provide tailored maintenance and weed control programs which will have your garden looking the best all year round. We can handle any maintenance problem you have and can provide you with tailored solutions.

We also make sure that we keep our customers satisfied through offering a whole range of arborist services within different areas of Sydney. In addition, our lawn care and moving specialists can eradicate the weeds or pests diseases from your garden to make it always look good and fresh.

At All Trees & Garden we include everything that you expect in a gardening session with the help of our friendly and experienced staff. Furthermore, we assure your gardens well being by resolving your gardening problems and provide you with the best solutions.

We are grateful for our customers and take pride in our reliable and affordable garden maintenance services. Get in touch today and let us take care of all your gardening needs and maintain the beauty and freshness of your garden.

What We Do


Every tree is either an asset or a liability. When a professional tree risk assessment uncovers a potential issue, perhaps the tree is damaged or diseased.

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Proper tree pruning is needed to maintain the health of a tree in an urban environment. Proper pruning is as much of an art form as a skill.

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After a tree has been removed it is often advantageous to get rid of the stump that is left behind. We know that stumps not only look unsightly on you property.

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Land clearing is a laborious but also important job, that can be critical to the well development of the project for which the site is being cleared.

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All Trees & Garden is reputably known for providing professional turf laying services. Our team of professional Sydney turf layers have been working within the industry for many years.

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The process of tree mulching has as an outcome and important product – mulch. Grass is a major competitor for moisture and nutrients.

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Gardening and all our garden maintenance services at All Trees & Garden are reliable and we use the highest quality products.

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Emergency storm damage can be quite serious and we believe in many cases can be avoided, with preventive actions.

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Why Choose Us

Quality tree work

Our experts will always give you the best result, once the project is finished.

Value for money services

At All Trees & Garden there are no hidden costs. We create detailed proposals that clearly outline our tree services and the total cost.

Attention to details

Before commencing on any tree service, our experts will do a walk through to assess the project.

Provide timely and prompt services

As we know how important the timing of the finished project is, it is our goal to complete the task at hand within the time specified.

Well-trained tree experts

All our tree experts are experienced, professional, dependable, and licensed.

Customer satisfaction

We take pride in completing the tree work on time and to your 100% satisfaction.

Free inspection and quote

We carry out free inspections and give free quotes to every customer.

Competitive prices

Our tree services guarantee a quality job at competitive prices.

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